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Letter of Credit, Banking and Financial Institution Litigation

Our partners have extensive and varied experience in litigation both on behalf of and against financial services providers.   We have represented parties, including banks, in letter of credit disputes, which have highly specialized customs and practices and are affected by international and inter-bank agreements and rules,  in disputes concerning fiduciary responsibility in respect of trust asset management, and in securities arbitrations (both customer and employment related).  We advise clients with respect to issues arising from loan commitments and agreements as well as agreements among financing providers.  We have extensive experience with non-U.S. clients that find themselves in an international letter of credit disputes.

Letters of credit facilitating international trade and commerce frequently involve banks in New York and other U.S. financial centers with the consequence that payment disputes may require resolution under U.S. laws. We have successfully resolved many such disputes for our clients, including those concerning injunctions against honor of payment demands.

Our partner Dorothea Regal has authored several publications on letters of credit, co-authored the Letter of Credit chapter in the inaugural West publication of Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts (West 1995), and lectured on that topic for the Practicing Law Institute and the New York County Lawyers’ Association.  Our partner Laura Hoguet is the author of the chapter “Bank Litigation” in West’s New York Commercial Litigation Practice series, a standard practice reference book in this jurisdiction.   

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