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Posts from August 2023.
Posted in D&O Policies

On August 10, 2023, Judge Rennie of the Superior Court of Delaware issued a decision in a pair of cases, Viacom Inc. v. Paramount Global, C.A. N22C-06-016 SKR CCLD and Redstone v. ACE American Insurance Co., C.A. No. N22C-06-020 SKR CCLD, ruling that a D&O policy’s “bump-up” exclusion did not apply to losses arising from a merger transaction.

The coverage dispute arose from a 2019 transaction through which Viacom merged with CBS.  As a result of the all-stock transaction, “all assets of Viacom ‘vest[ed] in CBS, and CBS was the surviving corporation.”  Shareholders ...

Posted in Duty to Defend

On July 13, 2023, the Eleventh Circuit issued a decision in Continental Casualty Co. v. Winder Laboratories, LLC, Case No. 21-11758, resolving an issue of first impression under Georgia law—whether an insurer can recoup defense costs it paid under a duty to defend policy upon a finding that the insurer has no duty to indemnify the insured.  The Court ruled that such recoupment is not permitted unless the policy expressly provides for it, explaining:   

As an initial matter, we disagree with the insurers’ argument that there is a clear “majority” rule favoring recoupment across ...

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