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HNRK Is Committed to the Fight for Racial JusticeĀ 


We at Hoguet Newman Regal & Kenney are committed to the fight for racial justice.

The horrific killing of George Floyd was merely the latest of far too many instances in which the lives of Black Americans have been unjustly taken. The fact that the perpetrator was a law enforcement officer who acted in gross violation of his sacred duty to protect the community he served, witnessed and unrestrained by fellow officers, has brought into sharp focus the need for our country to confront its racist tradition and tendencies. We are heartbroken and angered by the senseless deaths of Mr. Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor—and the countless racially motivated killings of Black men, women, and children over the years that have not been caught on video or widely publicized.

We are encouraged that people of all backgrounds have joined together to march in protest of police brutality and in support of equal justice for people of color. We enthusiastically support these protesters’ First Amendment rights to assemble peaceably and proclaim for all to hear that Black Lives Matter. 

We know that as lawyers, we must be part of the fight for racial justice. Indeed, the most important civil rights have been won through tireless legal advocacy in conjunction with grassroots organizing. As a women-owned firm, we have always strived in our work and our hiring practices to confront systemic inequality. We recognize that we must never rest in striving to uphold the principles of justice and equality in our work and our daily lives. We pledge to continue to promote diversity within our firm and the legal community, to educate ourselves on how to confront the societal and legal structures that perpetuate racial inequality, to hear and amplify Black voices, to support organizations that fight for racial justice, and to advocate for equal justice. 

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