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Getting to Know: Tatiana Gnuva


Tatiana Gnuva, legal assistant at Hoguet Newman Regal & Kenney, LLP, joined the firm in August 2023 after graduating from Columbia University with a B.A. in history and human rights. During her time at Columbia, she was a senior editor for the Columbia Political Review. Tatiana has quickly become an important member of our team, supporting several HNRK litigators and serving as a point of contact for co-counsel, clients, court personnel, and others. Get to know Tatiana below:

As a women-owned boutique based exclusively in New York, HNRK is a unique place to work. What drew you to the firm?

I was drawn to a smaller firm - I enjoy being able to work in a collaborative environment and learn new skills and knowledge from interacting directly with esteemed attorneys and legal professionals, especially women excelling in their field.

How did you become interested in the legal industry?

I wanted to be an attorney for as long as I can remember. Working at a non-profit in New York City before college solidified my desire to work in the legal field, as it helped me understand the direct impact of policymaking and laws on the lives of people in my community.

What is the most interesting part of your job?

Each case is unique and often involves a very different strategy or type of research. I value the ability to cover a large number of matters, as it exposes me to a variety of different attorney styles and legal concepts.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

Trying new restaurants around the city and spending time with my friends. 

What is one thing you cannot live without and why?

Baking - I learned to bake with my grandmother, and it has developed into a relaxing hobby. I especially love trying new baking recipes.

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