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Randi May Quoted In Politico Regarding Supreme Court's Decision in Mount Lemmon v. Guido

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Morning Shift
By Rebecca Rainey
November 7, 2018

AGE DISCRIMINATION: The Supreme Court said Tuesday that the Age Discrimination in Employment Act applies to all state and local government employers, no matter how small. The Age Discrimination and Employment Act defines an employer as any business that employs 20 or more people but says it “also means” any “State or political subdivision of a State.” The case turned on the meaning of the phrase “also means;” the high court concluded it meant the anti-discrimination law applied to state and local government entities that employed fewer than 20 people--in this instance, a fire department in Arizona. The high court’s decision was unanimous, a relative rarity in employment-related cases.

The ruling gives ADEA broader reach than Title VII, which applies only to government entities with 15 or more employees. That means “scores of litigants alleging age discrimination claims will now have access to federal court," according to Randi May, employment law partner at Hoguet Newman Regal & Kenney, LLP. Read the opinion here.

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