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Amory McAndrew Quoted in IndieWire on GMA 3 Scandal


What comes next following the highly publicized affair and suspension of GMA 3 co-hosts Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes? Amory McAndrew, partner at HNRK, spoke with IndieWire about the potential legal implications behind the decision and what she predicts is going on behind the scenes at ABC News. 

Amory suspects “they’re suspended because the lawyers are negotiating whether or not this is actually going to be considered ‘cause’ under the terms of their employment agreements, and whether or not there’s ‘cause’ is going to determine what kind of severance payment that they’re going to get.” At the end of the day, Amory notes, ‘“the bottom line is [ABC News] can do whatever they want…they’re just probably going to have to pay for it.” Read her full thoughts here.


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