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Non-Compete, Trade Secret & Restrictive Covenant Litigation

HNRK regularly represents companies and individuals in a wide range of disputes concerning confidential information in both asserting and defending cases involving misappropriation of trade secrets, the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, the Defend Trade Secrets Act, restrictive covenants, non-competes, employee raiding, and departures of key employees. Additionally, HNRK provides companies and individuals with advice on trade secrets and the restrictive covenants contained in various types of agreements, including employment contracts.

HNRK brought the first case under the newly-enacted federal Defend Trade Secrets Act in the New York federal courts and obtained the first seizure order in the United States pursuant to that statute. HNRK has advised judges and attorneys on restrictive covenant and trade secrets law, spoken on numerous educational panels, and successfully obtained numerous injunctions or tried cases to verdict.

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